How To Make A Kite

Kite creation has been a past times for many persons in many cultures for many years. Outside of flying a kite making it is a great way of showing off your individual innovativeness for arts and crafts. For kids who are looking for new recreational activities to take up their time in the holidays kite flying is ideal. Pre-cinstructed kites have recently become more popular and are even more so inexpensive. Even though a lot of people decide to buy pre-arranged kites, construction effort that is used for making a brand new kite on your own is so much more exciting. You can also make your kite in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and with a few items with these guidelines you can continue to create your own kite with these guidelines.

Items needed:

Bamboo sticks

Fishing line


Plastic bags




The Instructions are as follows:

1. Use the knife to cut the bamboo into separate sticks. Make the longest which will function as the backbone of the kite so it can be placed vertically while the shortest piece will be turned cross way. Then take the string and tie the two lengths together at the midpoint where it outlines the structure of the kite but make sure that the lengths that divide the cross section bamboo stick is equal and use the ruler to calculate the measurements.

2. Use the razor to create a small incision at the end of each bamboo piece, deep enough so that a group of strings can be placed in them. Then cut a piece of string and place it through each indent of the bamboo sticks at each section so that it encircles the kite. Now pull the chord around the kite so that it makes a loop at the top of the kite so it can be wrapped a couple times to stabilize the structure.

3. Slice the plastic bag into pieces with the razor, and make certain it is big enough to cover all the triangle(s) and its edges. Then use the glue and attach each part tightly to the borders to make sure that it goes over the string enclosure.

4. Take another set of strings and connect them at every end where they will be fastened together at the centre. This is the same spot where the chord will be connected to fly the kite.

5. Then attach another length of string at the end of the kite to create the tail of the kite.

Tips and Warning

* Whenever you are pasting the plastic bag over kite, you can also utilize spray glue to connect them at the centre to re-enforce the frame.

*Whenever you fly the kite, try to stay away from areas with power lines that will obstruct you from flying it. Many kites end up being caught within the wires and cannot be retrieve.

* You can use the same fundamental concepts of kite building with minor adjustments to make your own kite frames and even shapes such as squares and octagons.

* If you want to construct the kite with more strength, construct the frame with a bend.

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